About TwoLikeOne

Welcome to the TwoLikeOne blog. This is the creative outlet of Jon and Astrid. Our shared passion for fashion has grown stronger through our 11 years together as a couple. We started our passion in the small details of our everyday attire and later found ourselves working in the fashion idustry. Jon as a digital content creator and Astrid as a fashion buyer.

We found a joint passion for creating content and used Instagram as our playground for this creativity. Soon we fell in love with the art of photography and grew more and more passionate as time went by.

Today we are running our seperate blogs and instagram accounts but also this shared digital journal that you are currently reading. We felt like we needed to be creative not just as individuals but also as the duo that we are.

Please hang around, browse through an article or two – and make sure to swing by our Instagram @twolikeone for daily updates.