Contact & collaborations

We love to collab. No matter if it’s with each other, friends, or brands. If you have an interest in working with us and think we are a match for your brand, then feel free to contact us. We would love to talk about the possibilities.

Our starting point for collaborations:

It important for us that we can vouch for a brand before we start a collaboration. We need to feel that the brand matches the same values that we represent. This stems from our belief that both we and the brand benefit most from a collaboration in which values are aligned.

Next, comes aesthetics. We are aesthetically rooted, and maintaining our visual standards is a premise for any collaboration. In return, we always deliver high-quality content. We simply do not get turned on by sloppy iPhone photos.

Previous collaborations:

We both have experience working with brands that sponsor our content from our individual blogs and Instagram. This includes brands such as:

Ole Mathiesen, Karl Lagerfeld, Hi-Tec HTS74, Les Deux, Lædersmeden, Doryssa Boutique Hotel, Sukaiba, Beauté Pacifique, Soyaconcept, Echte, Foreo, SARD, Daniel Wellington and more.