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Escapism – Editorial and Reflective film on the current situation

juni 5, 2020

These late few months has showed a different side of our society – locally and internationally. And while the world has gone into the most joint state-of-mind that we’ve experienced in a long time, people seem to react differently to the topic. One word we found to describe elements of the situation best must be Escapism.

Watch our Reflective movie of the current situation above.

About the Escapism Editorial

Escapism definition (according to Google, we know..) “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.”⁠

Even though we may all be on the same side, certain groups of our collective society seem to handle it so very differently. ⁠ Many have been faced with the ugly faith of covid-19, but somehow a minority has also been neglecting it to a simple flue. Ignoring the governmental instructions. Thus, escaping by relying on a fairytale rendition of this world that does not embody hard correlations of this world. ⁠

On the other end of the spectrum you see people, like ourselves, escaping the density of the city. But as ‘city people’ we lack the life, the structures – and bluntly going nuts without a social life. Zoom doesn’t really cut it, does it? We literally tried to escape for health reasons. ⁠

A large chunk of especially the younger generation has also proved that Netflix may be drained for content. ‘Watch it again’ becoming their new. favourite category.⁠

Common is that no matter your opinion on the topic, you’re running from time and the usual regular structures. Pursuing distraction to calm yourself from a situation where job certainty, health and future may seem at risk. ⁠

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