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Eat well in Copenhagen – Restaurant Høst

september 28, 2020

For some reason the two of us always have a hard time agreeing on where to eat. No matter if we plan ahead or in the heat of the (hangry) moment. We figured that probably are not alone on this one, so with the ‘Eat well in..’ we wish to highlight our good experiences from around. This time in Copenhagen at Restaurant Høst.

Interior at Restaurant Høst in Copenhagen

Restaurant Høst

When we began planning our 1 year wedding anniversary we asked around to get some inspiration for dinner places. Vegetarian or at least with a vegetarian/vegan option. A close friend recommended Høst and pointed out their vegetarian menu. Its worth mentioning that Høst has been on our “Restaurants we need to try” list for a while now. After a quick look at their seasonal menu we booked a table straight away. And haven’t regretted it!

Interior decor at Restaurant Høst
Danish potatoes with ´Präst´ cheese and lovage at restaurant høst

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A seasonal menu

At restaurant Høst they have a seasonal menu meaning they build up their entire menu around the vegetables that are in season.

What it does, is that it allows them to much easier to use locally grown vegetables (we can all agree that this is so cool!). The menu, therefore, changes throughout the year – which also makes you wanna come back and explore their new additions to the menu.

Due to a late lunch we chose(.. settled for) the 3-course menu. At the time the vegetarian menu consisted of 1st: Grilled cucumber with gooseberries and wheatgrass, 2nd: Danish potatoes with ´Präst´ cheese and lovage, 3rd: Chamomile ice cream with caramelised (baby) pinecone.

Høst offers their ‘An evening at Høst’ initiative, meaning that they will pair the food with wine, throw in a few extra servings in between the courses and top off the evening with coffee/tea by the end of the meal. For those who really wants a wholesome evening, this is highly recommended, as you won’t have to save the wine or discuss whether you need a bottle more.
The extra servings are not mentioned in the menu (nor the price for An evening at Høst), which means they come as a total surprise! Such a nice touch. And needless to say that the wine was matched really well with the food.

Astrid waiting for second course of our An evening at Høst dinner
simplistic minimalistic and rustic interior design
Pre dinner snack at restaurant høst
rustic interior design at restaurant høst in Copenhagen

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Part of The Copenhagen Food Collective by Cofoco

Restaurant Høst is part of the Copenhagen Food Collective. They are known for their excellent food and has a pretty serious variety of very different restaurants. So if you have the time we really recommend trying out more than just one of them.

ambient interior design at restaurant høst

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