Classic Cold Color Palette

juli 14, 2020

The blue and white color combo is probably one of the most versatile within fashion. It can be both classy and seasonal depending on the shades of blue. For a more contemporary look consider a vivid blue hue like the cobalt blue, a medium light blue or azure – depending of course on current trends. Or, stick with the classic. The good old navy blue for an evergreen and chic vibe. But simply by relying on a color palette consisting of cold colors, mixing and matching hues is so much more easy (and fun) to do.

In this session we relied on a mix of seasonal blue variatons that combines white and a deep dark blue. On top, we made the look a tad more effortless by adding our favourite white sneakers so that we were ready for a low key stroll around the city.

Couple wearing a classic cold color palette in fashionable style

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