A Cherry Picking Editorial – an analogy and literal sense

juli 15, 2020
Cherry picking Editorial revolving around fashion

A Cherry Picking Editorial

Cherry Picking; we all know about our own pickiness. It can be whether you only like a certain colour or more modestly just prefer a different shade. Pickiness about who you hang with or what type or ice-cream you like (Amarena!). Do you always pick quality – or do you prefer having a bigger quantity for the same means. We’re all selective in terms of what seems to provide us the greatest value.

Cherry picking is all about picking just the right thing. You do it carefully and often consider many options until satisfied with your research and feel confident in your choice. A product, a solution or maybe an opinion.. One thing is for sure – you put some thought into it.

JW Anderson x Uniqlo coat shot for an Cherry Picking Fashion Editorial

Obviously there is also the literal meaning of the phrase. Simply picking out the most sunripe and deliciously sweet cherries from the tree. And the process that we are so accustomed to in our everyday life, balancing the options, is in its essence an almost beautiful analogy to the picking of cherries. Because who doesn’t choose their cherries carefully to get the deep dark flavourful ones. I do for sure. It’s all about finding that voluminous branch full of dark red ripe berries that haven’t yet been visited by worms or other creatures of the nature claiming the first bite.

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picking cherries for an cherry picking editorial about fashion
picking cherries on a cherry tree - a part of a fashion editorial
Cherry hanging on tree

Astrid is wearing a JW Anderson x Uniqlo long coat with a pleated skirt underneath also from Uniqlo and a striped t-shirt.

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