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Bregentved Estate and Garden

oktober 20, 2020

Bregentved estate and garden

Bregentved estate and garden is a beautiful location to come by. You easily spend hours wandering the captivatingly arranged paths across the garden. All while listening to birds tweeting from the treetops or gazing at the pond from the romantic bridges above. The park is decorated with statues and art, and it’s a must to walk by the well-kept estate to get a glimpse of what life might have been like in a different era.

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Back to the real world

We had to drag ourselves back to the real world after exploring the park. We could have easily spend the rest of the afternoon strolling around this rather hidden gem if it wasn’t for the rain sporadic summer rain.

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A monochromatic beige approach

We did our outfit styling with a rather monochrome beige approach. Over the summer our wardrobes have started to consist of a lot (!) more beige pieces. Somehow, beige as a colour has dug itself into our hearts and giving us a newfound craving for wearing all beige outfits. It’s versatile and so spot on at the moment.

photo edit Jon Grossert
words Astrid Grossert
location Bregentved Estate and Garden

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