Amidst A field of Canolas – A Transitional Editorial

juli 4, 2020

What ever stylistic direction that you take your attire, adapting to the season is a necessity. Whether it means swapping chunky boots for strap sandals or a more modest wools trouser to lightweight cotton. But there is a time in between. A time where options aren’t as binary. This post explores the brief transitional season as a platform for a canola field fashion editorial.

canola field fashion editorial with Spring Summer style. A lookbook with long dresses check coats

Aesthetics and a common ground

Our approach to fashion has always been very different. One of us has a more feminin approach (guess who..) expressing a joy for the warmer weather through bold patterns and colourful prints, whereas the other may consider a more subtle transition – still relying on black and neutrals as a base for outfits. This is rooted in our very set of aesthetics, and goes beyond mere clothes. However, the more time we spent talking on the matter, the more we also end up finding a common stylistic ground. Again, beyond fashion.

Canola field fashion editorial with long Summer dresses and  checkered coats womenswear and menswear
Checkered coats in fields of gold

Root to the Canola Field Fashion Editorial – Bloom of the Canola and transitional style

The bloom of the Canolas mid April is short lived and speaks to the apparel transition that was mentioned above. It’s a short season, almost analogy alike, for the transitional jackets. Those that you have, and love, but only really get to wear a few times a year. After that they are diminished to the late late late summer nights – if the temperature drops low enough to allow it.

menswear editorial in canola field
menwear fashion editorial

Moving deeper and deeper into the Summer, some styles seems to effortlessly tie together the seasons. The below knee midi dress for one is a piece that is justified just as much in April as September, and any month in between. It just comes down to the matter of styling. Add on top statement sunglasses and a checkered long cotton coat, and the result highlight key features of the 60s while leaning slightly towards the 70s. The wildly blooming canola establish additionally a strong reference to peace movements of the late 60s. And without being to politically involved, now more than ever, is the time to put quarrels behind and focus on uniting in building a better society – across the world.

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Summer fashion editorial in fields of gold wear a long a-line dress and straw hat
womenswear spring summer editorial

Fashion inspiration and contemporary parallels

The check reference transcends from the more feminine and loose elements, into the more rigid and conservative menswear. The 60s on their own was a quite controversial era in terms of fashion. The Swinging Londoners certainly had its impact on the menswear scene, and drove the fashion in a much more casual and colourful style than ever before. Switching up silhouettes and approach to reimagine what a male wardrobe could look like.

Switching up silhouettes has been something that we both has taken to us, in a much more contemporary manner than those of the 60s. We’re parting ways with the skinny jeans (Jon more than Astrid) and focusing more on a silhouette-range that starts at straight fit and moves more into a looser and ends at a drapy and loose look.

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mens fashion spring editorial in yellow field with hermes loafers

This move has been proclaimed by various of designers namely Christophe Lemaire, Simon Porte Jacquemus and JW Anderson (at the helm of his own namesake brand and Loewe). Though the skinny trousers may never die out – especially as it keeps on reoccurring on the runway. For example Kim Jones, artistic director at Dior Homme, who is introducing slim tailored silhouettes and Thom Browne that never really lets his trademark shrunken suits go.

Nonetheless, the loose drapy silhouettes are here to stay, at least for a while. They plead guilty in paying tribute to the 90s, but a loose silhouette is much more than just that.

fashion editorial in canola field with Prada bag and wide pants canola field fashion editorial

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