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1 year wedding anniversary

september 21, 2020

Our wedding day 17th of August 2019

The 17th of August 2019 was the day we said “I do” to each other. It was a day full of joy and full of love. A day we had been looking forward to for more than a year. Everything had been planned down to the smallest detail and everything went down beyond all of our dreams. There were few mess-ups, but in the big picture what does it even matter?

Since we got married!

One year later, on the 17th of August 2020, we could celebrate our 1 year anniversary. The past year had happened head over heels and been full of opportunities and as well as obstacles. And let’s just say we seized the opportunities! First off, we started our married life out with our honeymoon, which consisted of 3 delightful weeks across Italy. Then I (Astrid) started a new and exciting job in a whole other field. This was followed by the purchase of our very own car so that we may do as we please. And obviously we survived the Covid-19 lock down – in a small apartment together for months…

What a surprise…

Our 1 year wedding anniversary fell on a Monday and I found it hard to plan something mesmerizing on a workday, so we arranged a cozy dinner at a place we knew had a good vegetarian menu. After dinner, we were then to head home and eat the remaining top of our wedding cake (a lovely Danish tradition where you store a cake in a freezer for a year, because you don’t have anything else to put in there…). I kept having the feeling that we should have planned something more – and maybe even taken the day off from work. But as we came closer I put that feeling aside as my closest colleague had already taken the day off and I, therefore, couldn’t.

top UNIQLO, trousers COS

The alarm on my phone went off the morning of our anniversary at 5.30. Jon asked if we should just snooze a bit and I told him I had too much to do that day. He then told me that I should stay home from work… I told him it was a complete no-go as my colleague already had the day off. He then laughed at me and said that it was me who had the day off.

This man – the man I’m spending the rest of my life with pulled a trick on me. Even after knowing each other for more than 11 years, he had still managed to do this to me. Jon had arranged with my work that I had the day off. Even had my colleagues in on it as well so I wouldn’t be suspicious… But he had a whole day planned full of surprises and even made a reservation at a nice hotel close to the restaurant, so that we could easily walk there after our dinner.

top UNIQLO, trousers COS, bag Jil Sander, sunglasses Ace & Tate, sandals Gabor

So… We snoozed for about an hour, went through the morning routine, and packed a bag for our night at Hotel Kong Arthur. Breakfast consisted of a big portion of porridge at a place nearby called Grød (translated: porridge) with probably as many toppings as possible – yes, you can have vegan Nutella on your porridge.

Checking into Hotel Kong Arthur

After our breakfast, we went bathing-suit-shopping as we were going to enjoy some time in the Ni’mat Spa at Hotel Kong Arthur. I had left all of my swimwear at my parent’s house where we stayed during the summer – and I didn’t feel like entering the spa nude (which I probably wasn’t allowed to anyway). After a quick check-in, we went straight to the Ni’mat Spa to spoil ourselves and relax.

room interior at Hotel Kong Arthur, bag Maison Kitsuné

Kong Arthur is located right next to the lakes, making it really close to the city center and convenient when spending time around the city. The room that we checked into was one of their newly renovated rooms and you could easily tell that there had been cared for every little detail. Everything from furniture to the art on the wall was a very modern yet minimalistic chic.

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Even the bathroom was in a modernistic design with both a regular and a rain shower. It’s easy to see (and feel) that the room was designed following a Scandinavian design philosophy. Though the room wasn’t big, then the interior made it feel large and spacious. It was truly just a really pleasant room to be in, whether for the night or for a longer stay!

shirt Les Deux, shorts COS, watch Ole Mathiesen, shoes New Balance

Side note. One last thing if you’re considering staying at Hotel Kong Arthur – DON’T SLEEP ON THE BREAKFAST! It consists of tons of fresh fruit, yogurt, baked goods, waffles, great coffee, and much more! You often end up at hotels where you feel the breakfast maybe wasn’t worth the spend. This is the contrary!

interior at Hotel Kong Arthur

Favourite Pizza and a stroll

Our time at the Spa had made us hungry, and what’s better to cure our hunger than pizza? We strolled around for a bit before stopping by one of our favourite pizza spots in the city, Frankies. We brought the pizzas with us and enjoyed a nice little picnic at Israels Plads. We did what we love to do, watching the city pass by while enjoying our meal – and refreshing cocktails. I love to ‘people watch’ and this spot is perfect if you wanna do it during the weekend.

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Vegetarian dinner at Høst

After a quick outfit change at the hotel, we headed out for our dinner reservation at Høst, which is known for its cozy atmosphere in small rooms and decorations with lots of plants. Personally, we chose it because of their seasonal vegetarian menu. Due to our late lunch, we chose the small menu with 3 serving, which in reality was 5 – and we loved every single dish they served! Obviously, we choose to pair the menu with the wine menu – which is highly recommendable.

interior at Høst

After the romantic dinner, we strolled around the empty city and almost felt like tourists in our own home town. And lastly, it was so nice to just jump in bed after our stroll back at Kong Arthur‘s without having to care for laundry, dirty dishes, or anything else – you know, you only get to celebrate your 1 year wedding anniversary once.

top UNIQLO, trousers COS, bag Jil Sander, sunglasses Ace & Tate, sandals Gabor

I couldn’t have wished a better way to spend our 1 year wedding anniversary and what a surprise it was!

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location Hotel Kong Arthur,
Israels Plads, and Høst

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