• Fashion Life

    Bregentved Estate and Garden

    Bregentved estate and garden Bregentved estate and garden is a beautiful location to come by. You easily spend hours wandering the captivatingly arranged paths across the garden. All while listening to birds tweeting from…

    oktober 20, 2020
  • Life Wedding

    1 year wedding anniversary

    Our wedding day 17th of August 2019 The 17th of August 2019 was the day we said “I do” to each other. It was a day full of joy and full of love. A…

    september 21, 2020
  • Fashion

    Into the wasteland – Editorial

    Imagine yourself walking in a wasteland. Immersed in an atmosphere mostly resembling a Mad Max universe or the barren landscape of Tattoine (Ed. Star Wars). Everything sand and stone. Even the slightest sight of…

    september 14, 2020
  • Fashion

    Classic Cold Color Palette

    The blue and white color combo is probably one of the most versatile within fashion. It can be both classy and seasonal depending on the shades of blue. For a more contemporary look consider…

    juli 14, 2020
  • Wedding

    Wedding guest book with Instax Photos

    Instead of the traditional wedding guest book we wanted to do a instant photo wedding guest book. The guests wrote their regards on the back of the picture – and absolutely loved it! –…

    marts 3, 2020
  • Wedding

    Choosing wedding rings – our considerations!

    The considerations for choosing wedding rings are so personal and unique. You have to not only think preferences for now, but also over time. This is the considerations that we had – dating back…

    marts 2, 2020